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Company profile

The company Knud Hansen T-net was founded in Copenhagen in 1943.

In 1965, Knud Hansen moved his production to Bryrup in Jutland where it still lives. At the end of 2005, Knud Hansen T-net was taken over by the company, which has been affiliated with the company for many years, in the middle of the 70s as a workforce, after a break in the late 80's where he was in production and again in 90 ' the self-procured repairer. 

The company changed its name in the summer of 2017 to Better Tea & Food Produtcs. 

Better Tea & Food Products currently employs 5-6 employees for the production of both the tenet, aquarium, soup and butterfly as main production, but also manufactures other specialty products for some of our customers. 

Yours sincerely 

Palle Frost